Flora is a family company founded in 1993 engaged in production, freezing and processing of fruits.

Flora is a family company founded in 1993 engaged in production, freezing and processing of fruits.

We are a family company that was founded in 1993. We are engaged in the production, freezing and processing of fruits. We have our own fruit production and cooperative production with households in the immediate environment. We have two cold stores, first built in 2004, second built in 2011. They are located in the village Sadjavac, surrounded by high quality raspberry plantations. Annually we produce and process about 4000 tons of fruit according to current standards since 2005.


Modern technology for fruit processing is an important factor in the quality of production. Flora has a large capacity for freezing, applies laser sorter in the process of fruit selection, as well as the latest equipment for fruit cooking, and with traditional recipes, and a high level of employees training, provides its customers exceptional quality and diversity of products.


Flora’s cold store is located in the centre of high-quality fruit plantations. The entire acquisition is organized in a radius of only 10 km from the cold store, which enables quick reception of fruits after harvest. Flora is building cooperative relations with its producers for over 15 years. With the help of the rich land of valleys and mountains that surround Ivanjica, enough rainfall and sunshine, Flora produces juicy, red raspberries of exceptional quality.

Flora produces jams made of specially selected ingredients according to tested recipes with the use of modern technology. Fruit is carefully chosen to ensure the best quality. The whole cooking process takes place in a closed system with no possibility of burning. The products are cooked at low temperatures under vacuum to preserve all the nutrients from fruits.

Ivanjica municipality is a leader in raspberry production in Serbia, with plantations on over 1,500 ha. Picking raspberries begins around the first week of July and reaches the highest peak around 15 July, and lasts until the beginning of August. Frozen raspberries are available throughout the year.

There are 3 types of raspberries that can be successfully grown in Ivanjica region. The most common type is the Willamette, after that Meeker, and then Fertodi Zamatos.

Flora, in cooperation with the Information Engineering house Morena, participated in drafting software designed exclusively for cold storage and fruit processing. The implementation of such specific customized software has led to the possibility of total monitoring of all steps in the processing of fruit, from harvest through delivery, processing and storage, all the way to the end customer, thus ensuring complete traceability.